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Strategic Roadmap 2025-2030: In Progress

Kentucky Agricultural Stakeholders,

More than 120 farm leaders and stakeholders participated in 28 focus groups this past winter as the first step in the strategic roadmap for Kentucky agriculture, developing nine collective themes:

  1. Help protect farm transitions & sustain Kentucky farmlands.
  2. Prioritize workforce development.
  3. Engage agriculture in Kentucky’s economic development discussions.
  4. Foster more supply chain coordination to improve market access.
  5. Continue diversification and innovation across farm, food, fuel, & fiber.
  6. Develop agriculture’s partnerships in the food and health space.
  7. Create more value-added markets across the Commonwealth.
  8. Grow collaboration, coordination, and communications within Kentucky ag.
  9. Build understanding around farm, food, fuel, and fiber amongst all Kentuckians.

Working groups were formed for each theme, and about 250 leaders and stakeholders have met several times to develop and refine tactics, as well as identify potential partners to accomplish those tactics.

Anyone who would like to be included in the discussion for any of these themes should send an email to kyagcouncil@gmail.com.

Please share this with others who would offer valuable insight into one of these nine working groups to impact the future of Kentucky agriculture. We must continue to have a variety of voices involved to do this and effect change for all types of agriculture. We appreciate you making time to serve.

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